essex girl campaign

On 6th October 2016, we launched the #IAmAnEssexGirl campaign.

When we were researching the local demographic for The Mother Hub, we were shocked to discover that "Essex girl" is listed in the dictionary... and the definition is appalling. We launched a petition asking for the definitions in the OED and Collins to be revised, but our main goal was to raise awareness and to open a dialogue around the derogatory Essex girl stereotype, which is clearly something many people feel passionately about, according to the thousands of comments we have received.

We understand that change takes time, but we think it's time to finally ditch the stereotype, so here at The Mother Hub, we are doing our bit to reclaim "Essex girl" by publicly celebrating the incredible women and girls in and from Essex, who in no way identify with the dictionary definition.

To show your support for the campaign, click on the button below to sign the petition - and please share far and wide! We also love seeing your pictures and comments on social media with the #IAmAnEssexGirl hashtag. Let's reclaim the term! Whether you're from Essex, or simply believe that no girl should be defined by anyone other than herself, we'd love to have your support.



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