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The Mother Hub Mingle: Making it WORK

The Mother Hub Mingle: Making it WORK

On Wednesday 8th March 2017 we celebrated International Women's Day by hosting our first Mother Hub Mingle event at The Brentwood Kitchen in Brentwood, Essex. The event was a chance for women to get together, make new connections and participate in a live panel discussion and Q&A around the topic of 'Making it Work'.

We welcomed four speakers - all of them women (who happen to be mothers) who are making their careers work for them. Our brilliant panel including Jess Clarke (Talent Development Specialist at Bloomberg LP), Hannah Wylie (Senior Lawyer at Universal Pictures), Amy Newland (Education Manager at Kip McGrath and Director at Vivid Theatre Productions) and Natalie Reynolds (founder of Fred & Noah).

The Mother Hub Meets: Natalie Reynolds, founder of Fred & Noah

The Mother Hub Meets:  Natalie Reynolds, founder of Fred & Noah

Today on The Mother Hub Meets, we are chatting to Natalie Reynolds; founder of the award-winning luxury baby and childrenswear brand, Fred & Noah (based in Essex). Following a successful career as a lecturer in fashion design, Natalie began working on Fred & Noah full-time in 2015. The brand specialises in natural and organic fabrics, and their signature prints (think playful, bold and beautiful) are instantly recognisable. With a strong focus on comfort and durability, Fred & Noah has garnered a loyal following. The first baby leggings Natalie ever made were for NCT friends; now, fans of Fred & Noah include Fearne Cotton and Giovanna Fletcher! Natalie and her husband Dan have big plans for the business, and looking at what they've achieved in just three years, we have no doubt they'll go from strength to strength.

In our interview with Natalie, we found out more about her inspiring career journey and how Fred & Noah came about...