We've been pumpkin Huntin'

Here at The Mother Hub, we absolutely love autumn. The changing of the colours, the crisp mornings, cosy evenings spent sipping hot chocolate under blankets and then of course there is Halloween! We LOVE Halloween..and as lots of our family birthdays happen to fall in October, it's always guaranteed to be a time full of celebrations, fancy dress and last but not least "Pumpkin Huntin'" 

If you've never been "Pumpkin Huntin'" before then you really need to get in on this action. Not only are pumpkin patches absolutely beautiful, but they offer a gorgeous outdoor run around for the kids... they can see how pumpkins grow, rather than picking them up from a supermarket shelf, and you walk away with a great craft activity (helping design and carve a Jack-o-Lantern) for when you get home.  What's not to love?


This year we headed out to Foxes Farm Produce to find our perfect Jack-O-Lantern candidates! The sight of pumpkins as far as the eye can see, at this lovely farm, is really something to behold and needless to say, had the kids running in every direction to find the "biggest", "smallest" or "most knobbly" of pumpkins.  The farm provides visitors with a wheelbarrow to comfortably move your "harvest" around the patch, which is just as well, as with three kiddos let lose to "select" their favourite squash we ended up with rather a heavy load! 


But the fun doesn't end once the various members of the squash family are safely in the barrow! If the kids haven't already worn themselves out rushing around the pumpkin patch, there are also hay stacks, pumpkin noughts and crosses and lots of other great activities to keep the little ones amused!

If you'd like to pay Foxes Farm a visit, take a look at their website here.